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This soap smells of fresh, sweet cigars. It is made with Honey and Activated charcoal, and therefor to be recommended for "teenage" skin or for skin prone to blemish.

Here is 10 reason our customers love this soap.

1. The smell. It is amazing.

2. It has a rich natural lather.

3. Zero waste.

4. The smell. Is it chocolate? is it cigars?

5. Honey is moisturizing.

6. It last a long time.

7. It is handmade by gnomes.

8. The smell is unbelievable.

9. Plastic free.

10. It is a sweet treat that does not make you fat.

Because the soap is handmade there is likely to be variations in the pattern. Price pr. 90g

Delivery: 3-4 business days
Additional info

Ingredients: sodium oleate, sodium cocoate, sodium sheabutterate, sodium castorate, sodium avocadoate, aqua, glycerin, activated charcoal, fragrance, honey. allergens: coumarine.