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 Shaving soap. Smells like eucalyptus (minty type of smell)

Here is 10 reason our customers love this soap.

1. It is all natural.

2. it can be used for shaving.

3. The essential oils have antibacterial properties.

4. The smell is so fresh and so clean clean.

5. Women can shave with it too.

6. Zero waste.

7. No palm oil.

8. A rich natural lather.

9. you don't need a shaving brush.

10.  It feels good to be kind to the environment.

Made with Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Castor oil and avocado oil. Contains essential oils of Eucalyptus. The addition of Kaolin Clay makes it an excellent SHAVING SOAP. Refreshing soap that can be used for the entire body. 

Price pr. 90 gr

Delivery: 3-4 business days
Additional info

Allergens: limonene